Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa (KJ)

Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa (KJ) is a Martu organisation that was established in 2005 to look after Martu culture and help build sustainable Martu communities. 

KJ runs the Puntura-ya ninti (culture and heritage) program, land management program and leadership program and employs over 200 Martu.

The men’s ranger team in Parnngurr began in 2010 and the women’s ranger team which previously worked in a casual capacity formed its permanent ranger team in 2014. 

The rangers look after country by doing a number of jobs.  They monitor and record the presence and absence of threatened species and invasive species, monitor and clean waterholes, removal weed infestations and complete prescribed burning using both traditional and western science methods.  The rangers take elders out onto country to learn from them  to keep country and culture strong.

The rangers also work in community.  They have been involved in working on the youth centre shed, cleaning up around the community, planting trees with Greening Australia and presenting their work at the school.

To find out more about KJ visit their website www.kj.org.au

image-164586-Parnngurr rangers conducting water testing.jpg?1433751719520
Photo: Parnngurr Rangers conducting water testing
courtesy KJ
image-164588-Waka Taylor, Senior Parngurr ranger burning country to keep it healthy.jpg?1433750660239
Photo: Wokka Taylor, Senior Parnngurr Ranger, burning off land
Courtesy KJ
image-164917-Parnngurr rangers planting trees in Parnngurr community.jpg?1432797776319
Photo: Parnngurr Rangers planting trees
courtesy of KJ
Photo: Parnngurr Mens Ranger Team
Courtesy KJ
image-402008-Parnngurr women rangers painting the youth centre.jpg?1433751313435
Photo: Parnngurr women Rangers painting the youth centre
Courtesy KJ