Parngurr Aboriginal Community is home to a group of Martu, an Australian Aboriginal people of the Western Desert. Martu language groups include Manyjilyjarra, Kartujarra, Kiyajarra, Putijarra, Nyiyaparli, Warnman, Ngulipartu, Pitjikala, Kurajarra, Jiwaliny, Mangala and Nangajarra. Martu means 'one of us' or 'person' and the language is often called Martu Wangka, a western desert language.

Many of the older Parnngurr community members were born in the desert.  Their contact with European settlements occurred in the 1960s and they chose to return to their land in the mid 1980s.  In 2002, Martu were granted native title to much of their country, which was the largest claim in Australia at the time.

The community is managed by the Parnngurr Aboriginal Corporation.
Parngurr Aboriginal Community has:
  • a community office
  • a Store
  • Visitor Centre for Accommodation
  • a community school
  • a health clinic
  • a mechanics workshop
  • an airstrip
  • a football oval
  • a basketball court  
  • Fuel Opal and Diesel.